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Switch-adapted Water Soaker

Switch-adapted Water Soaker

Get switch-happy with our adapted water soaker! Blast a stream of water at your siblings, parents or the family pet with this water soaker backed with battery power and your capability switch. This switch-adapted red or blue soaker features cool flashing lights and a stream of water while your capability switch is pressed.


We are offering the option to add an adjustable holder that can be attached to a wheelchair to aid in holding the adapted water soaker. When the water soaker is inserted into the holder, it does sit pretty steady on a table, as well. You can see the water soaker in the holder in some of the photos. As you can see in the video, the water soaker is attached with the holder and activated with a capability switch.


Adapted water soaker includes original activation button and activates as manufactured or with your capability switch. While your capability switch is pressed, the water soaker will spray a stream of water. When your capability switch is released, the water will stop.








*To add a button switch with 36" inch cord to this order, choose Soaker with Switch for an additional $15.

*To add a holder to this order choose Soaker with Holder for an additional $11

*To add both a switch and a holder to this order choose Soaker with Switch & Holder for an additional $26

If you choose to add a switch to your order:  Please note your color choice of switch. Options are blue, green, orange or lavender.

If no color is indicated a random color of switch will be sent.

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