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For Everly's sixth birthday, we gave her a Kidzone Bumper Car and adapted it slightly to accommodate her needs.  

Everly's papaw (our toy adapter) made the necessary adjustments, which included adding Schedule 80 pvc pipe to make the arm rests. He heated the areas that needed to bend with a heat gun and covered the pvc with pipe insulation.  

We bought a soft and flexible 5-point harness to bolt to her seat that helps to hold her in the bumper car.  We also added her neck pillow and cushions around her to keep her secure and well-positioned.  

The original bumper car has joysticks on each side, he removed the joysticks and put a white plastic piece over the opening where the joysticks were removed.  The bumper car is remote controlled so we are able to control her movements.

This video is now a precious memory that she enjoyed in her new car. 

Family Fun: Welcome

Bike Riding!

Everly loved it!

We enjoy riding bikes when we go camping and we were trying to figure out a way to include Everly so that we could all be together.  I bought a child's bicycle trailer to go behind the bike, but it was too small for her and was very hard and would have been uncomfortable due to her low core tone. So I bought a bicycle cargo trailer and we attached her wheelchair seat to it with zip ties.  She has a little neck pillow to hold her head steady with a foam cushion under it.  We also have her seat belt attached along with an additional cushioned strap to hold her in.  She has a cooling towel draped over her and a small fan on her to keep cool.  She enjoyed it very much and we saw some smiles from her.  She enjoyed riding with her Mimi, Papaw, Mama, Daddy and brother, Rylan! This is another precious memory that we can look back on and know we tried our utmost to give her the best life we could. 

Bike Riding 3.jpg
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