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About Us

We are the grandparents, parents, and older brother of our beautiful Everly Kate. We loved to see the joy on her face as she played and interacted with her adapted toys. She was so proud of herself when she activated a toy on her own. And we were and still are so proud of her, too!

Everly is the inspiration for See Me Thrive Adapted Toys.

We began adapting toys in the early months of 2020 after we had adapted Christmas toys for her in 2019.

We loved for her to be our "toy tester" and she would smile when I would tell her about the toys we were working on and sending out to kids so that they could play too.  

In 2022 Everly completed her earthly journey. 

We miss her so very much. 

We strive to honor her memory by continuing to adapt toys that are affordable for families and caregivers.

We are grateful for Everly's teachers and therapists that shared with us the benefits of adapted toys. And we are so thankful that Everly had the opportunity to learn and play,

and yes "thrive" during her life.


Our hope is that your loved ones enjoy learning and

playing and that they too, "Thrive!"

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