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Switch-adapted Galaxy Projector

Switch-adapted Galaxy Projector

Create a calming sensory effect with this switch adapted galaxy projector.  The galaxy projector has a blue base and includes original activation buttons and will work as manufactured as well as with your capability switch.


Button "B" on the galaxy projector has been adapted. This will change the colors of the projected galaxy. It will also work as manufactured. 

Button "A" on the projector turns the projector ON and OFF.

Button "C" on the projector stops and starts the 360 degree rotation, it can be operated in still mode or rotation mode.


To add a capability switch with 36" cord to this order, choose Projector with Switch for an additional $15.

If you choose to add a switch to your order:
Please note your color choice of switch. Options are blue, green, orange or lavender.
If no color is indicated a random color of switch will be sent.


    Adapted projector can be operated as manufactured or with a capability switch.

    It can be powered by batteries (batteries included) or the included usb cord. A standard usb adapter plug is not included.

    4.7 x 4.7 x 5.3 inches; requires 4 AAA batteries.

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