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Switch-adapted Make & Spin Bouquet

Switch-adapted Make & Spin Bouquet

This switch-adapted Make and Spin Bouquet features colorful flowers, stems and insect accents to make beautiful flowers and plants that dance, bloom and spin at a press of your capability switch. Classical, upbeat or relaxing tunes play while you watch the bouquet spin and animate.

Perch the bee and butterfly on the petals to rest! Use the included flower templates to color in more petals and add your own unique twist. Great for classroom inclusive play activity or family time.

Adapted for two switches: one switch activates spinning and tunes, stops motion and turns off. The second switch activates tunes and spinning, with each press of the button, the bouquet changes direction and the tune.


We also are offering an option to add coordinating lavender flower button switches with this musical bouquet. The flower decals are made from beautiful glitter-look permanent vinyl. Add a flower button switch with 36" cord for $20 more or as a special offer with the make & spin bouquet, you can choose to add two flower button switches with 36" cords for only $35!


    Adapted bouquet includes original activation buttons and can be activated as manufactured or with your capability switches.

    Flower pot base is 5.36 x 5.35 x 3.42 inches, flowers add height; uses 3 AA batteries.

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