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Switch-adapted Remote Controlled Fart Machine

Switch-adapted Remote Controlled Fart Machine

This switch-adapted toy allows learners to prank their peers or siblings.  Everyone loves a good laugh and this may elicit hilarious and inclusive fun.  Hide the sound box in a strategic location, activate the remote control with a capability switch and wait for the laughter.  


Each press of your capability switch will elicit one of the 15 different sounds for gut-wrenching, crying out loud fun.  Word of caution...know your audience. :) 


To add a capability switch with 36" cord to this order, choose Toy with Switch for an additional $15.

If you choose to add a switch to your order:
Please note your color choice of switch. Options are blue, green, orange or lavender.
If no color is indicated a random color of switch will be sent.













    Adapted toy includes original activation buttons and can be activated as manufactured or with your capability switch.

    Uses two AA batteries and one 9 volt battery.

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