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Tiny Switchy - Switch Modifier w/ Capability Switch

Tiny Switchy - Switch Modifier w/ Capability Switch

This tiny switch modifier turns a capability switch into an ON/OFF latch switch or timed switch! Includes one of our own adapted capability switches in your choice of colors: blue, orange, green or lavender.

Inclusive technology that allows momentary capability switches to work like an on/off or timed switch when activating adapted toys. Wonderful to use with adapted toys like bubble machines, fiber optic lamps, LED fans, ball pitching machines, etc., to keep them in the ON position as long as you wish, without having to keep your momentary capability switch pressed. One press for ON and another press of your switch for OFF!

Use your own capability switch or the capability switch included in your purchase of the switch modifier.

Smaller than a business card and only about an inch deep, this switch modifier is lightweight and convenient to use. It's always ON and the battery lasts for years. Easy-to-follow instructions included.


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