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Wobbly Switch with Mounting Arm

Wobbly Switch with Mounting Arm

Our Wobbly Switch is activated by applying 4.65oz / 132 g force to move the cushioned wand in any direction to activate adapted toys. The wand is 4 inches long and is capable of a 360 degree range of motion with a swipe of a gross motor movement. The switch can also be activated by pressing down on the wand. After each activation, the wand returns to center position ready for another activation. A click can be heard upon activation giving auditory feedback.


Our Wobbly Switch can be used with all of our adapted toys and any adapted toy that connects with a standard 3.5 mm mono connection. In the video, you can see the wobbly switch being activated with an adapted toy (toy not included) to give you an idea of the ease of using this switch with the mounting arm.

Our Wobbly Switch, with your choice of black or white foam cover, comes with an 11" Adjustable Mounting Arm that can be secured to a table, wheelchair tray or tubular rod. See photos for mounting options.

As a special needs family, we always tried to think "outside the box" to accommodate Everly's needs in a more economical way. So to offer affordable access for switch users with different accessibility needs we assembled our wobbly switch using a flexible coil spring limit switch, ample 60 inch, 3.5 mm male mono cord and a foam roller to cover and cushion the wand. To mount the switch, we are repurposing a camera mounting system into our wobbly switch-mounting system. We customized our wobbly switch so that it can be securely attached to this easily-adjustable mounting arm. We hope this switch and mounting system will allow switch-users to activate their adapted toys in a way that is more accommodating and helpful.


Shipping in USA included in price.


Shipping to Canada, batteries are not included and USPS postage is added at checkout. 


    4" cushioned activation area.

Foam Cover Color
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