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Switch-adapted Zoom Tubes Car Trax

Switch-adapted Zoom Tubes Car Trax

This switch-adapted Zoom Tubes Remote-Controlled Car Trax Set is a non-stop racing light show and includes 1 blue racer and over 12 feet of tubes. You can create your own configurations.  Featured video also includes track parts from an expansion pack.  The expansion pack is not included and can be purchased at big box stores.

Easy to build, just connect the tubes, place a charged zoom racer in the zoom tube, activate your capability switch or remote control and GO! While your capability switch is pressed, race the car with LED blue lights around this exciting zoom track! Release your capability switch or remote control and the car stops. The remote is adapted to attach two capability switches to it, for forward and reverse action. You can use two capability switches or one capability switch at a time. The remote control also works as manufactured and includes 2 AA batteries. The car charges with a USB connection, USB cord is included, but not the adapter that plugs into the electricity. You can use any standard USB plug to charge the car.


As a special offer, you can choose to add two button switches with 36" cords for an additional $24!  

If you choose to add switches to your order: 
At check-out, please comment with color choices of switches.  Options are blue, green, orange or lavender.  

If no colors are indicated random colors of switches will be sent.


    25 piece Remote Control Car Trax Set with 1 Blue Racer and Over 12 feet of Tubes; batteries included. 

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