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GlassOuse Switches

We are excited to offer two GlassOuse products, the Touch Switch and the Proximity Switch.  


Our mission at See Me Thrive is to change the world of a child one toy at a time.  The prices on these switches are more than our adapted switches that we offer.  However, we wanted to make these very sensitive switches available to our customers as it may benefit someone who is unable to activate other types of switches.  This may be a way that a person can interact with their world and we wanted to give you, our customers, the opportunity to purchase at the lowest cost that we could offer them. We invite you to learn more about these innovative switches and hope they help someone engage with the world around them.  

Note: the switches that are featured in the videos are the products we are offering.  We do not offer the wearable GlassOuse V1.4 that is also in the video at this time. 

product features

Glassouse switches.jpg
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