Switch-adapted Ball Pitching Machine

Switch-adapted Ball Pitching Machine

Just in time for spring and sunshine-filled days outside, we are offering a ball pitching machine. Great for interaction between brothers, sisters, or parents, friends and even the family pet. With the press of your capability switch you can pitch a ball to your pup, friend or use to play target games. The machine is easily manually tilted to three different angles. The machine includes 6 Aero-strike baseballs, but can hold up to 9 balls. Additional balls can be purchased at Amazon. With a standard momentary switch, each time your switch is pressed and held a ball automatically pitches out of the machine. With an On/Off Latch switch, one press of the switch will activate the ball pitching machine.

See videos showing the difference between the two type of switches mentioned: momentary switch and on/off latch switch.

A standard momentary switch activates the ball pitching machine to pitch as long as your switch is pressed and held. It takes about 11 seconds for the switch to be held down for each ball to eject from the machine.

You can also use an on/off latch switch, that will activate the machine upon one press of your switch. After pressing this switch, the ball pitching machine will eject a ball and continue to eject balls every few seconds until all the balls are ejected. If you press the switch a second time after activating the machine, it will stop pitching the balls until you press the switch again. This switch works like an on/off switch. One press turns it on, another turns it off. 

The balls eject with pretty high velocity, use caution that the machine is not pointed toward anyone at close range.

Adapted pitching machine includes original activation button and can be activated as manufactured or with your capability switch. 

To add a button switch with 36" inch cord to this order for an additional $15, choose from the following choices:
Pitcher w/Momentary Switch (this switch will need to be pressed and held to eject balls)
Pitcher w/ On/Off Latch Switch (one press of this on/off latch switch will activate the machine and eject balls until the switch is pressed again to turn off)

If you choose to add a switch to your order:
At check-out, please comment with color choice of switch. Options are blue, green, orange or pink.

If no color is indicated a random color of switch will be sent


    Uses 4 D batteries which are included. 


    Switch adapted toys have a 30-day warranty for manufacturer's defects (30 days from the delivery date).

    Defective items returned to us within the warranty period will be repaired, or replaced if repair is unable to be made. If a replacement product is no longer available, a store credit will be issued.


    Modifications made by See Me Thrive Adapted Toys nonprofit volunteers void any manufacturer's warranties on the product. Purchase of products made are understood that they purchased adapted and as-is.


    3-7 business day adaptation processing time required. 

    We utilize the following shipping methods:

    United States Postal Service (USPS Priority Mail)

    UPS (United Parcel Service)