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Switch-adapted Rainbow Unicorn Rush Slide

Switch-adapted Rainbow Unicorn Rush Slide

Watch 3 unicorns fly to the top of the clouds and slide down the ramp again to cheerful music and strobing lights. Moving strobe light creates a beautiful array of colors on wall or nearby surface! Easy assembly, cute unicorns, fun slide, and cheerful music. This adapted toy can also be played in a darkened room as the lights project on a nearby surface.


For an additional $15, add a capability switch with 36" cord to your order. A standard switch needs to be continually pressed down to keep the unicorns in action. When the switch is released, the unicorns stop their action.


If you choose to add a switch, please include your color choice of switch. Options are blue, green, orange or lavender.

If no color is indicated a random color of switch will be sent.


If your learner is unable to keep a standard switch activated, please check out the Tiny Switchy we offer. The Tiny Switchy will turn any switch into a Latch/ON-OFF Switch or a Timed Switch. The Tiny Switchy can be used with other adapted toys that require a standard switch to be continuously pressed. CLICK HERE to check it out!



    Adapted toy can be activated with a capability switch or as manufactured.

    10 x 9 x 2.25 inches; requires 2 AA batteries.

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